carnival knowledge (bluejay_ray) wrote in jazz_clarinet,
carnival knowledge


Really glad to see this community. I play a bunch of my own transcriptions and arrangements of Goodman, Sidney Bechet, Reinhardt/Grapelli, Scott Joplin and others using midi recordings for backup. Used to do a lot of nursing home gigs. Knocked em dead. My ax of choice is a 1965 Selmer 9 star but also have a metal beast and an E-11. Fun fun fun.
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bah do you want to help me with a project? I can't figure out the notes on a goodman song. can't quite remember the name at this moment (too early in the morning) but i'll look it up
hmmmmmmm...that's a big maybe. Did you try slowing it down with that program I told you about?
I don't have winamp, and my mom wont let me download it...
I only would need the like first 16 bars of each song (not even the chords, just notes...)

the songs are "I'll Get By" and "I've Got It Bad and That Ain't Good".. thanks for all your help anyway, the program proved useful to a couple classmates.

and if there's anything I can do to repay you for these notes (if you give them) let me know
Why won't she let you download Winamp? That is absurd. It is perfectly harmless and extremely useful for musicians.
well my younger sisters arent the most computer literate and have downloaded viruses in the past before.. so my mom's really sketch about these things.

eh, i ended up downloading it anyway, and it helped some, but im doing the song "Say It Isn't So" because it's a lot easier. So, I need the clarinet notes for the first 16 bars(other than intro), and i am having difficulty remembering the first 8. Oh well.

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cool and cool