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Jazz Clarinet
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Below are the 15 most recent journal entries recorded in jazz_clarinet's LiveJournal:

Sunday, December 4th, 2005
4:58 pm

i have a question... Are Vandoren V-16 better than Traditional Vandoren? i want to try some and see but before i do that i wanted to know what yall had to say about them! thanks!

<3 amy

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Tuesday, November 15th, 2005
8:37 pm
OMG OMG OMG!! Guess what just happened!?!?!?!? i went to step up night and guess what they had.... 2 buffet R13 s!!! one of them was a regular R13 but the oterone was an R13 fetival! and it was an extra keythat serves as an alternate Eb!! and then i begged my mom and dad nd they got it for me!! so yea! i just got a new clarinet! R13 festival! im beyond excited! then mr finnley started talking about me! he made me blush! he (and the other lady) were just gahhing over how quick i responded to the changes!( they made me take in more mouth piece and made me lift my head up and made me change the angle of my horn to an more american style than british!) and then he said that i had to be one of the most hardest workers in the band in means of practiceing! he couldnt shut up about my emboucher! it was great! then the lady said that if she wasnt full she would love to give me lessons! she said with some lessons i would surpass her! and then they said that once im done with college that i should come back and be a clarinet touderor or something! it was awesome! i didnt know mr finnley had that kind of expectations for me! ok im gunna shut up for now.... lol!

<3 amu_the_ctarinet

p.s. im srry if you have already read this!
Saturday, September 17th, 2005
4:30 pm
mmk... im looking for a challenging clarinet solo and a quartet/trio for solo and ensomble.... i i kinda would like it to have a jazzy feel to it. any suggestions?
Sunday, July 24th, 2005
6:46 pm
Goodnight, My Love
Um...I was wondering if anybody new where I could find music for Benny Goodman's arrangement of Goodnight, My Love in which Helen Forrester sang. I've been looking but can't find it anywhere! If you can help please get back to me at jazzmiroku@aol.com!

Thanks guys (and gals)!

Current Mood: hopeful
Wednesday, July 13th, 2005
5:24 pm
Hello fellow jazz clarinetists!
Hey everyone! I'm 15 and an avid jazz clarinetist. Benny Goodman is my idol! Unfortunately I don't know how play with the chords when improvising. But I managed to get into jazz class at my high school so that shall soon be solved. I am also trying to form my own big band: The Bryan Churchwell Orchestra. It will have the same instrumentation as Benny Goodman's band...who needs five saxes and eight brass? Four saxes and five or six brass will do just fine.

I'm glad to find other clarinetists who play jazz. (Nobody at school even knows it is a jazz instrument!)

Visit my journal sometime!

Current Mood: ecstatic
Thursday, June 30th, 2005
1:28 pm
hay all! i havn't posted in a while so im doing it now! tryout were yesterday and i think i did pretty good.... i played the Bb, Eb, and Ab scales 3 octives and made it to line 7 (out of 10) in sight reading.

you know what i dont get! ok yesterday i talked to my band director about jazz band and i asked him why there were no clarinets in jazz band and he said because theres really no need for them!!! thats not fair! i mean jazz used to be all about the calrinet but now its not =( i wish it would change!

Current Mood: ecstatic
Monday, June 13th, 2005
2:17 pm
So, I'm working on a transcription.. the first 16 bars of "Say It Isn't So" (my recording is of the Benny Goodman Quartet, and I can send you it if you'd like).

I've got the first 8ish bars down, all the way to where the notes go A->C->E.

to my understanding the pick-ups are G and Ab, then As, Abs, As, Gs,Cs,Es(note how im too lazy to write out what length they are but if you're familiar with the song you know it repeats a lot)

Anywho, if anybody has the rest of it or has comments, please help, because I'm definitely stuck beyond this 30ish second mark
Friday, June 10th, 2005
12:01 pm
hey umm....my name is megan and i play trumpet (not clarinet, sorry)but my best friend play clarinet. i enjoy jazz so i guess it all evens out in a way....

Current Mood: amused
Wednesday, June 8th, 2005
4:38 pm
does any one here know of any higer notes than the ''C'' 5 lines above the staff??
6:49 am
Really glad to see this community. I play a bunch of my own transcriptions and arrangements of Goodman, Sidney Bechet, Reinhardt/Grapelli, Scott Joplin and others using midi recordings for backup. Used to do a lot of nursing home gigs. Knocked em dead. My ax of choice is a 1965 Selmer 9 star but also have a metal beast and an E-11. Fun fun fun.
Tuesday, June 7th, 2005
11:17 pm
Hey! I just found this community. I play the clarinet, and have been playing since 6th grade. I am a music major, soon to be a college senior, and my main instrument is clarinet. I absolutely love jazz, and I love Benny Goodman. I don't really have much experience playing jazz...I played alto sax in a jazz ensemble my sophomore year of college.

This seems like a cool community and I'm glad I found it. :-)
9:09 pm

yay!! more entries!! im not alone any more....ok i guess i should tell a little about myself

my name is amy and ive been playing the clarinet scince 8th grade. i am currently 2nd chair in my schools symphonic band but that will change soon cuz marching season tryouts are soon!! uhmm... i am now a jounior!! yay!! (wow!! only one more year!!) and i live in Pace FL and i go to Pace high school and my school colors are red, white and blue!! hmm... i dont want to go into too much detail so i'll stop here!!

<3 amy

Current Mood: ha ha!! i <3 pixie sticks!!!
10:06 pm
I play clarinet, like jazz, and read webcomics.

9:43 pm
so yeah... here I am. I love jazz as well. Am currently working on woodchopper's ball for my talent as part of a scholarship program. pretty sweet.
Friday, June 3rd, 2005
4:40 pm
wow!! not many entries on this lj!!! well i joined this community because i LOVE Benny Goodman!!!! i play the clarinet and hes my hero!!!! lol!!! well i g2g!!! i also love jazz!!! its so much more lively than than other music and it gets me all jazzed up!! lol! well i g2g

Current Mood: enthralled
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